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About us

The start of 2020 shook the world roughly. And the aftershock is still ongoing.

The world is in a crisis and the consequences are impossible to grasp.

That’s why we started SupportYourArtist.

We’re a platform working with everything that revolves around the culture scene of live performing. (Artists, Organisers, Bookers, Venues, Light, Sound, etc) 

We share the economy with everyone connected to the platform.

Our goal is to save the culture and help provide an income to everyone that’s connected to the platform.


Our foundation is people working within the culture scene.

Whom unfortunately, no longer have the availability to work like they used to.

We all know how much work and effort is put behind every show, and how much it takes to make a festival, a festival. 

It’s so many aspects that have to fall into place, to create a good show, environment and experience.


That’s why we kindly ask you to Support You Artist and help save the planet's culture scene by buying some merch.
Every penny is divided and shared with the culture. 

For the Culture

By the Culture

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